SwiftUI sheets not correctly deinitializing associated instances – Swiftui

Alexei Petrov
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The Problem:

In SwiftUI, when dismissing a sheet, associated instances (view models held by the sheet’s view) don’t seem to get deinitialized as expected. This issue is observed with @ObservedObject and the new @Observable macro but not with @StateObject. This behavior results in memory leaks and creates challenges in ensuring proper cleanup and resource management within the view models.


When I use @ObservedObject or the new @Observable macro in SwiftUI, associated instances don’t seem to get deinitialized properly upon sheet dismissal. Why?

@StateObject is the only method that properly triggers the deinit call for associated instances in SwiftUI sheets.

Is there a workaround for this issue?

No known workarounds, though you can inform the view model about the dismissal to make it stop long-running tasks.

When is this issue resolved?

The issue is resolved on iOS 17.2.