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Ali Hasan
composer-php php-8.2 ubuntu-18.04

Quick Fix: As Ubuntu 18.04 is no longer supported, Ondřej Surů’s PHP packages, including PHP-FPM, are not available for it. Consider upgrading to a supported Ubuntu version or acquiring extended support through paid plans.

The Problem:

I am unable to install PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 18.04 using apt-get. While attempting to install the PHP-FPM package and its dependencies through the terminal, apt-get returns error messages indicating that the packages cannot be located. This issue prevents me from completing the PHP-FPM installation process.

The Solutions:

Solution 1: PHP-FPM not available for Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) is no longer supported outside of paid extended support plans. Additionally, Ondřej Surý's PHP packages are only available for supported versions of Ubuntu and are no longer available for Ubuntu 18.04. As stated in the FAQ for the repository:

“It’s not "just a file". It’s a security risk. Security issues are regularly found in PHP releases and any "just a file" might accumulate a wealth of them. That’s OK, every software has bugs, and henceforth needs to be update on regular basis. It would be irresponsible to provide unmaintained packages just for "convenience".”

To resolve this issue, you can either opt for paid extended support or consider upgrading to a newer version of Ubuntu.


Why can’t I install PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 18.04?

Ubuntu 18.04 is no longer supported and Ondřej Surý’s PHP packages are only available for supported versions of Ubuntu.

What are the alternatives for installing PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 18.04?

Pay for extended support or upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu.

But It’s just a file?

It’s not just a file, it’s a security risk. Regular updates are needed.

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