Some problems were found with the configuration of task ':app:compileDebugRenderscript' (type 'RenderscriptCompile') – Android

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Quick Fix: 1. Update compileSdkVersion to 33.
2. Check Java version and find compatible gradle version from
3. Update with compatible version.
4. Add tool version to dependencies in build.gradle.
5. Find compatible KGP version for Gradle from
6. Update ext.kotlin_version in build.gradle with compatible version.

The Problem:

When building a Flutter project with the command ‘flutter build apk’, an error message is encountered indicating issues with the configuration of the ‘:app:compileDebugRenderscript’ task. Specifically, it mentions the presence of an incorrectly annotated method (‘useAndroidX()’) and a property (‘ndkConfig’) that lacks input or output annotations.

The Solutions:

Solution 1: Update Versions

To resolve this issue, update the following versions in your project:

  1. CompileSdkVersion to 33
  2. Java version to the current version.
  3. Gradle version in to match the Java version.
  4. Tool version in build.gradle dependencies (e.g., ‘’ for Gradle 7.6 version).
  5. Kotlin Gradle Plugin version to the version compatible with your Gradle version.

After these updates, the build process should succeed without the mentioned errors.


Can a ‘@Input’ annotation be placed on something else than a getter?

No, ‘@Input’ annotations should only be placed on getters.

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