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Quick Fix: Add the filter @@||localhost^$permissions=browsing-topics=() to your uBlock Origin filters to disable the messages.

The Problem:

A user is encountering an error related to the ‘browsing-topics’ controlled feature in their Chrome console when developing a website locally. The error is associated with the Permissions-Policy header and is related to Google’s privacy settings for ad tracking. The user is not using any ad-related scripts on their website and has identified that the uBlock Origin Chrome extension is the cause of the error. They seek a solution to resolve the issue without disabling the extension.

The Solutions:

Solution 1: Disable the error messages with uBlock Origin filter

To resolve the error with Permissions-Policy header, you can add the following filter to your uBlock Origin filters:


Solution 2: Disable uBlock Origin

The error is triggered by the uBlock Origin extension in Chrome. To resolve this issue, disable uBlock Origin. This will eliminate the error message in the console.

Solution 3: Hide The Error Message

Within the chrome console, you can hide the error by selecting the appropriate context or iframe. Click on the Settings icon and check the option “Selected context only”. This displays messages solely from the current iframe or top window, effectively hiding the error message.

Solution 4: Disable uBlock Origin on Trusted Sites

The console error is most likely triggered by uBlock Origin, a popular ad blocker extension for Chrome. To resolve this error without disabling uBlock Origin entirely, follow these steps:

  1. Open uBlock Origin settings by clicking on the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar.

  2. Navigate to the "My Filters" tab.

  3. In the "Custom" section, add the URL of your development site to the list of Trusted sites.

  4. Save the changes and restart your browser.

This should prevent uBlock Origin from blocking the "browsing-topics" feature and resolve the console error.


How to resolve the error ‘Error with Permission-Policy header: Origin trial controlled feature not enabled: ‘browsing-topic”?

Try to add the filter ‘@||localhost^$ permission=browsing-topis=()’ to your uBlock Origin filters.

How to disable the error?

Disabling uBlock Origin will remove the console warning.

How to hide the warning message?

Focus on the current context / iframe in the Chrome console to hide the error message.

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How to resolve Error with Permissions-Policy header: Origin trial controlled feature not enabled: 'browsing-topics'?