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Ali Hasan
langchain llama-cpp-python python-3.x

The Solutions:

Solution 1: Using Vectorstore and RetrievalQAChain***

1. Load CSV files into a Vectorstore:

Use a library like Pinecone or Metal to create a vectorstore. Load the CSV files into the vectorstore, using a field in the CSV file as the document ID.

import pinecone

client = pinecone.Client()
vector_index = client.index.create("my-vector-index")

2. Create a RetrievalQAChain:

This chain will allow you to perform question answering over the vectorstore.

from langchain.retrieval import RetrievalQAChain
from langchain.embeddings.openai import OpenAIEmbeddings
from langchain.vectorstores import Pinecone

chain = RetrievalQAChain(
    vectorstore=Pinecone(client, vector_index),

3. Ask questions:

You can now ask questions to the chain and retrieve the relevant documents.

query = "How many females are present?"
results =

Solution 2: Using DirectoryLoader

To load multiple CSV files into Langchain and perform question answering over them, a DirectoryLoader can be utilized. This loader allows you to specify a directory containing the CSV files, and it will automatically load all the files within that directory.

from langchain.document_loaders import DirectoryLoader
from langchain.document_loaders.csv_loader import CSVLoader

# Define the directory containing the CSV files
data_directory = "../data/"

# Create a DirectoryLoader using the CSVLoader as the base loader
loader = DirectoryLoader(data_directory, glob="**/*.csv", loader_cls=CSVLoader)

# Load the documents from the directory
documents = loader.load()


How to load multiple csv files into langchain?

Load them into a vectorstore and use a RetrievalQAChain or ConversationalRetrievalChain.

Can we integrate multiple csv files for query?

That depends on whether you want to compare files or integrate them for query.

Is there an alternative local LLM to OpenAI?

Yes, you can try localGPT.

Video Explanation:

The following video, titled "ChatCSV App: Chat with CSV files using LangChain and Llama 2 ...", provides additional insights and in-depth exploration related to the topics discussed in this post.

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